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Microsoft Office Championship

This event is organized for students from across the globe to demonstrate their exceptional talent and skill in the field of Information Technology. FFC is committed to the provision of opportunities and platform for exceptional talent from underprivileged communities in 2015. FFC has offered sponsorship to 100 student from Goth Machhi and Mirpur Mathelo Schools for participation in online test. FFC also plan to support the expenses of selected students which will be selected for world championship in USA.

Donation to Falah Foundation City of Education

In continuation with FFC assistance to Falah Foundation in 2014, FFC has in 2015 extended its further support for the construction of Hostel Building at Gen. Mushtaq Baig Campus Chakwal. FFC support to the establishment of quality education facility for the under-privileged and children of shuhdah’s now amounts to Rs. 15 millio.

Assistance to Public Library Thatta

In order to promote education and extend maximum educational opportunities to the under privileged student from remote communities, FFC has donated reputed books to the newly established community library at Thatta.

Construction of Govt. Girls High School Tanda Gambhir, Poonch AJK

Residence of village Tanda Gambir lodged a humanitarian appeal to extend FFC assistance to Govt. Girls High School Tanda Gambhir construction, which was completely destroy due to flash floods in August 2014. FFC in view of the significance associated with the Girl’s school, being the sole facility for the surrounding villages has undertaken the construction of a new building for the destroyed school, in order to facilitate the academic activities for female students. In this reference MOU was signed with education department Azad Jammu Kashmir and the work has commenced on the project. It is expected that the school will be ready by Aug, 2015.

Adoption of School at Rawalpindi

FFC in collaboration with the citizen foundation one of the leading education sector NGO has adopted a school in the surrounding of Rwp General Fazal e Muqeem campus is extending quality education to the deserving children of the community on minimal charges.

Humanitarian Assistance for Students Education

Educational Scholarship to Mr. Rayyan Jamil, student of BSCS at SZABIST Islamabad.

Complete educational expenses of 3 children’s of late Mr Yousaf Louis.

FFC collaboration with European Center for Leadership

European Centre for Leadership and Entrepreneurship Education has initiated a student and faculty exchange program to America’s leading universities. The program is aimed to equip the delegates with innovation in learning and teaching skills which are in practice in America and leading European countries. FFC delegation comprises of 8 students and one faculty member from FFC School, on a 3 week long educational exchange visit in the 1st week of June.

Collaboration with Tameer e Millat Foundation

5 wards of employees have been extended complete DAE program scholarship (inclusive of boarding and lodging) at Tameer e Millat Institute of Technology, with total students availing the program stands at 10.

FC College-FFC Collaboration

FFC since 2013 has extended full educational scholarships to 7 students at FC College Lahore for graduate and undergraduate program. 3rd year annual donation amounting to Rs 0.939million was extended in August 2015 by CSR Dept.

Tanda Gambhir School

FFC undertook the reconstruction of Tanda Gambhir Girls School at Poonch, AJK which was destroyed due to massive flooding and land sliding in August 2014. AJK Education Dept has till now completed 50% of the construction and the school is expected to re-open in January 2016.

Higher Secondardy School Jhampir

FFC CSR has undertaken a comprehensive upgradation program at Govt High School (Jhimpir). The scope of interventions included renovation work, newly built infrastructure, establishment and equipment for science lab as well as overhauling of school bus.

Wards of Farmer Scholarship Claims

FFC Wards of Farmer Scholarship is awarded annually to the talented and deserving children’s of farmers from across Pakistan. At present, 214 students are enrolled under various disciplines. A summary of WOF operations from July-Dec is as following
a. Total Students Enrolled- 214
b. Total Claims Received- 75
c. Amount Disbursed- Rs 1866,000/-
d. Cases Closed/ Completed- 24
e. New Enrollments- 20

Young Leaders Conference


A 20 member FFC delegation was part of 2015 YLC, held in Islamabad by School of 
Leadership (SOL). The event is organized annually to induce team work, initiative,
skill development and leadership among over 300 students participating.

Partnership with LUMS

FFC successfully concluded its sponsorship to 2 talented and deserving students at LUMS
for their undergraduate degree in Nov 2015. FFC sponsorship included academic as well as all
associated expenses of the students during the entire 4 year program.


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