After the successful start-up of the first plant in mid 1982, a group of selected engineers was assigned to Technology Division-TD (then called CED) Head Office with the objective of providing engineering and technical backup to the plant operations.

Additional responsibilities that are assigned to TD, include monitoring plant performance, development of new projects, handling capital investment projects, advising management on technical matters and development of a technological base along with consultancy functions.

Since 1982, TD has made tremendous progress in the field of Plant Engineering, Project Management, Project Feasibilities and Project Development.

The development of TD was equally supported by the FFC management which has recognized the need to promote research and technological development activities.

TD is manned by a team of highly trained project engineers, process engineers and IT specialists. Nearly half of the strength is located at the plant to provide on-the-spot assistance to the manufacturing units besides feeding vital plant data to the Head Office for immediate processing.

TD is equipped with latest computing facilities along with engineering software from world famous engineering designer M/s Haldor Topsoe of Denmark and other technical software purchased from the engineering companies as well as in-house developed software related to engineering and other general purpose need of the company. This technology enables TD to undertake detailed process/engineering design related assignments and to provide most valuable assistance to other departments within the company.

TD most significant contributions to date have been successful project management of FFC Project 1 debottlenecking, FFC Plant Expansion Project 2 and the Fauji Fertilizer Bin Qasim (formerly FJFC) Project. TD's role in all projects starts from the conceptual stage and concludes at the successful commissioning and handing over of the project to the Operation Group. The success achieved so far by TD proves that FFC now possesses requisite in-house capabilities to ensure successful completion of large scale projects within allocated budgets and assigned project schedules.

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