Flood Relief and Rehabilitation

Tharparker Drought

FFC responded to the devastating calamity that hit Tharparkar at the onset of the Year 2014 by engaging Muslim Aid, a UK based NGO to provide 22 Tons of Ration & medicines to the people of the locality.

FFC was one of the first organization to dispatch help to the drought hit areas & the efforts of the company have been appreciated by the local population & administration. sports
In light of the successful partnership between FFC & Muslim Aid the management has extended its assistance for Muslim Aid to the total of Rs. 4.6 Million for intervention in health projects FFC also handed over a check to the President of Pakistan amounting to Rs. 10 Million for Prime Minister’s Relief Fund as well. 


Relief to flood effectees in district Rahim Yar Khan and Ghotki

Distribution of Dry Ration by FFC Distribution of Dry Ration by FFC

As per the CSR commitment of Fauji Fertilizer Company Limited, one more time, relief was provided to the communities in district Rahim Yar Khan and Ghotki, on 14th and 15 April 2011 at Kot Sabzal. More than 750 flood effected families (comprising of 10 people per family) were distributed one month dry ration consisting of rice, wheat, pulses, sugar, Ghee, tea, biscuits, mineral water, Dates ,hygiene packs (detergent,toothpaste,tooth brush,soap) etc. This activity was a joint collaboration with Pakistan Red Crescent Society.

Distribution of Dry Ration by FFC

In 2010, Pakistan witnessed a devastating flood that annihilated dozens of villages and destroyed the road and irrigation infrastructure. According to the figures released by the Government of Pakistan, an estimated loss of $9.7 billion was caused by these floods nation wide.



In districts Rahim Yar Khan and Ghotki, flood had crippled the lives of people of the area. FFC thus took the task of shouldering its share of responsibility initially in flood relief effort for the affected natives of District Rahim Yar Khan and Ghotki. Some of these relief efforts were:

  • Distribution of cooked food
  • Dry ration for families
  • Transport for Evacuation
  • Mineral & FFC filtered Drinking Water
  • Tents/ shelters
  • Cloths, Blankets & Shoes for the affected families
  • Soap & Washing Powder
  • Crockery

FFC employees voluntarily made remarkable contribution in their respective plant sites which amounts to millions. Food, drinking water, beddings, shelters and clothing was provided to the flood affectees in the relief phase of the operation. Medical teams from FFC medical units performed day night service for the flood affectees in Rahim Yar Khan and Ghotki, saving many precious lives.



FFC has taken up the challenge of reconstructing 3 villages of districts Rahim Yar Khan and Ghotki. The intervention is planned in Reconstructing of Houses, Education, Health, Shelter, Water and Sanitation and Infrastructure. This project of rehabilitation and reconstruction will cost 102 million (PKR) out of which 50% will be contributed by FFC.

A project has been devised to construct Houses, water supply, pathways & sanitation facility for the affected natives of Muaza Chacharan, Mohib Shah (Rahim Yar Khan) and Chuttoo Chachar (Ghotki). FFC while acting as a responsible corporate entity has lead from the front in this time of national grief and has played an exemplary role for other entities to come forward and contribute their share.

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