Human Resources

The FFC Management, acknowledging the importance of human resources has always placed personnel management at the top of its priority list. The Human Resources Department, therefore, right from the inception of the Company has played a vital role in steering the Company through all its phases, operations and progress.

The functions of Human Resources Department vis-a-vis personnel management and human resources development are going side by side and it is due to the progressive approach and dynamic philosophy of the management that Personnel Management remains abreast with the latest style of management ensuring high level of motivation and satisfaction of the work force under varied situations. Personnel policies are kept updated and are periodically modified to respond to the latest socio-economic changes and market trends of the country.

Hiring quality manpower, keeping them happy, satisfied and motivated are the pillars of the Human Resources Department; justice, fair play and merit oriented treatment are some of the ingredients of processing cases by the Human Resources Department.

For Human Resource development, another aspect which receives its due share is training. The employees are exposed to various kinds of cross training, technical courses, management courses, workshops and seminars both at home and abroad. At Plant site, the Company has a Technical Training Centre, which is unique, and the only centre in Asia having a true replica of the Plant for providing realistic training as far as possible, to the employees.

Employees' welfare has all along received due consideration by the Management. A number of agreements have been signed with CBA Workers Union, resulting in handsome remuneration packages to employees. The company, since its inception, has undertaken five salary revisions for Management employees, to remain amongst the top paying organizations of the country. It is due to the sheer sincerity, welfare oriented policies and concern for every single employee that there has never been any strike, lock out or go slow in FFC.

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