Marketing Group

Marketing Group, established in July 1978, is responsible for the marketing operations of the Company including planning, sales, distribution, agri. services, field warehousing, finance and administration. With the commencement of commercial production in June 1982, the Company started marketing its urea under the brand name of "Sona". Gradually, besides Sona urea, the company commenced marketing of various imported nitrogenous, phosphatic and potassic fertilizers. The Marketing Group is undertaking its numerous marketing activities through country wide setup of fourteen sales regions, sixty six sales districts, a strong dealership network and extensive warehousing setup.

The Company is also marketing around 550 kt of Sona urea granular and 670 kt of Sona DAP manufactured by Fauji Fertilizer Bin Qasim. When FFC started its marketing operations, the other urea manufacturers namely Engro, Dawood Hercules and National Fertilizer Corporation were already well established in the market. Engro and Babber Sher urea were considered premium brands in Sindh and northern Punjab respectively. The brand competition coupled with a huge surplus of urea in the domestic market posed a great challenge to the Company from the very beginning of its operations. FFC endeavored and turned the challenge into an opportunity by capturing a distinctive market share of its product. The Company has since long successfully managed to make “Sona” the number one fertilizer brand of Pakistan.

During the period 1983 to 1986 when a large urea surplus existed in the country, FFC had the honor of being pioneer in the export of surplus urea which not only helped in stabilizing domestic urea market but also earned valuable foreign exchange for the country.

The Government of Pakistan deregulated the trade and prices of phosphatic fertilizers on 21 August 1993. Subsequently, FFC started import of various phosphatic fertilizers bringing about a very positive and qualitative change in the phosphatic fertilizer business of the country. Which was also very significant for promoting the balanced use of fertilizer. Farmers were thus provided with the quality product in standardized bags along with the guarantee of correct weight. Marketing Group now has the best expertise to handle the import and export of fertilizers.

FFC believes in selling a programme rather than just a product. For this, the Company has adopted a customer oriented strategy, marketing its products backed by efficient and effective support services along with special emphasis on developing the market through practical and innovative farmer education. Thus, FFC is untiringly playing a very vital role in the agricultural development of Pakistan through provision of premium quality fertilizers besides, improving the livelihood of farming community.