Plant Ware Houses

To meet the requirements of our plant, a modern and well organized materials warehouse has been established, which is one of the best in Pakistan. FFC has maintained an average inventory level of about 30,000 items since commencement of operation in 1982.

Total storage facility comprises of the following warehouse and open areas

Main Warehouse

The storage facility is split into two levels under one roof which houses the maximum number of line items. Instrument spares and heat sensitive items are stored in an air conditioned room to protect them from high temperature and dust. Its total area is about 3400 sq. meter.

Bulk Warehouse

Heavy equipment, rotors, catalysts, structural steel, insulation material, large diameter pipes, etc are stored here. Lube Oil Shed is also located in this premises. Its total area is about 1750 sq. meter.

Open Yard

This facility houses small bore pipes, pipe fittings, valves and metallic sheets. Different gases are also stored in specially designed bunkers fulfilling all safety standards. Approximate storage area is 4888 sq. meter.

Packing Material Warehouse

Bags, liners and threads are stored separately under one roof in this warehouse. This store covers an approximate area of 1250 sq. meter.

Chemical Warehouse

Different chemicals are stored at this location. The approximate storage area is 1050 sq. meters.

Left Over Material Warehouse And Disposal Yard

Various construction surplus material and other surplus items are stored in covered sheds and open area. Scrap items and material are dumped for disposal at this facility.