Overall performance was outstanding, with production of 2.485 million tonnes of urea utilising 121% of combined nameplate capacity of 2.048 million tonnes, higher by 20 thousand tonnes compared to last year’sproduction. This was possible by extensive Balancing, Modernisation and Replacements and untiring efforts of our experienced and committed technical staff. A major production challenge was the gas curtailment imposed by the Government of Pakistan from 2nd quarter of the year, limiting gas offtake at all three plants, which resulted in a urea production loss of 35 thousand tonnes during the year.

Plants I & II - Goth Machhi

Operational performance of both plants at Goth Machhi showed unparalleled accomplishment, reaching new heights of operational efficiency and setting new benchmarks for years to follow. Plant-I produced 867 thousand tonnes, the highest ever by any of FFC’s plants. Daily and monthly production records were also redefined by Plant-I to highest ever levels of 2,610 tonnes and 80.1 thousand tonnes, respectively, which is evidence of the continuous efforts being made to maximise utility of existing production facilities.

Plant III – Mirpur Mathelo

Performance of Plant III was also excellent during the year, surpassing all previous records. Highest ever ‘Sona’ urea production of 811 thousand tonnes was achieved, marginally higher compared to previous best of 810 thousand tonnes in 2009. New standards were set in daily urea production, wherein the Plant produced 2,410 tonnes (110.8% plant load). Maximum continuity record of 131 days was also achieved, longest since acquisition of the Plant by FFC.

Energy conservation has always been the prime focus and its role has become critical in view of prevailing plant load limitation due to gas curtailment. Substantial improvement in Plant energy efficiency was achieved through optimisation measures, resulting in yearly saving of Rs 242 million due to reduction in fuel gas consumption. Additional production gain from natural gas saving is ~ 32 tonnes per day. Lowest ever specific energy consumption record of 6.31 Gcal/tonne urea was achieved in November 2010.