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Sona Urea

Sona Urea

Sona Urea is a concentrated solid, straight nitrogenous fertilizer that is widely used in the country. It is white in color, is free flowing, readily soluble in water and contains 46% Nitrogen. It is mostly manufactured in the form of prills; because of its high solubility, it is suitable for solution fertilizers and foliar application. Important characteristics of Sona urea prilled and Sona urea Granular are appended.







Moisture (%)

< 0.30

< 0.30

Biuret (%)

0.80 ~ 0.87

0.80 ~ 0.87

Fines (%)

< 1.0

Dust Free

Prill Size (mm)

1.82 ~ 2.0

2.0 ~ 5.0


Sona & FFC DAP

Sona DAP is a highly concentrated phosphatic fertilizer, containing 46% P2O5 and 18% Nitrogen. It has 32 Kg of nutrients in a 50 Kg bag, making it highly concentrated. The high concentration of plant nutrients in a bag helps save costs of transportation, handling, storage and application. DAP is a widely used phosphatic fertilizer in the world as well as in Pakistan. The solubility of DAP is more than 95%, which is highest among the phosphatic fertilizers available in the country. Due to high solubility it can also be used through fertigation as well as by foliar application. Having an ultimate acidic effect on the soil, it is well suited for our alkaline soils.





P2O5 (%)


Crushing Strength (Kg)


Size (mm)

2 ~ 4

Moisture (%)

< 0.7

Sona SOP

Sona SOP

SOP is an important source of Potash, which is a quality nutrient for production of crops especially fruits and vegetables. Potash is an important nutrient for activation of enzymes in the plant body and helps in increasing sugar and starch contents. Potash improves the resistance of the plants against pests, diseases and stresses like water / frost injury. FFC SOP contains 50% K2O in addition to 18% sulphur, which is also an important nutrient especially for oil seed crops and it also has an ameliorating effect on salt-affected soils. It is readily soluble in water and can be used through fertigation. SOP is well suited fertilizer for all types of crops and soils. Use of potassic fertilizer in Pakistan is minimal, which needs to be promoted in order to have balanced use of fertilizer and for qualitative as well as quantitative crop production.

Sona Boron

Sona Boron

Sona Boron is a crystalline fertilizer in the form of Sodium Tetra Borate Decahydrate in 3 Kg packing. It is an essential micronutrient, which plays a vital role in a number of growth processes, especially new cells development, pollination, fruit/seed setting, translocation of sugars, starches, nitrogen and phosphorous, nodule formation in legumes and regulation of carbohydrate metabolism. Boron deficiency results in curled leaves, cracking and rotting of fruits, tubers or roots. Keeping in view increasing boron deficiency in Pakistani soils, FFCL is providing superior quality Sona Boron containing 11.3% Boron (Borax). It is easily soluble in water and readily available to plants. It can be used as a mixture with other fertilizers.

Sona Zinc

Sona Zinc

Sona Zinc (Zinc Sulphate Mono Hydrate) is a micronutrient fertilizer available in 3 kg packing. It is the third most required nutrient for plant nutrition. Sona Zinc is an essential nutrient which plays a vital role in a number of growth processes especially in chlorophyll synthesis, proteins, activation of enzymes and plays important part in hormonal activity particularly auxins. Zinc also improves uptake of nitrogen and phosphorous by the plants. Zinc deficiency is widespread in Pakistani soils, which is translating as deficient element in human diet and livestock feed. Keeping in view the wide spread deficiency (around 85%) of zinc in Pakistan, FFC is providing high quality Sona Zinc containing, 33% Zinc. It is highly water soluble and can also be used as fertigation as well as foliar spray.

Farm Advisory Services

Fauji Fertilizer Company Limited has been providing farm advisory services to the farming community throughout Pakistan since 1981, for increasing the agriculture production in general and the farmers’ income in particular. Our organization in pursuit of its national commitment and moral obligation maintains regular contact with farmers and Agricultural Institutions to ensure efficient transfer of modern agricultural technology in an effective way.

The Company is providing quality farm advisory services all over the country through its 5 Farm Advisory Centers and Regional Agri. Services Officers. Farm Advisory Centers are located at Hassan Abdal, Sahiwal, Multan, Bahawalpur & Sukkur.

Each center has a team of four Agricultural Experts, providing multifarious advisory services through crop demonstrations, field days, farmer meetings, crop seminars and farm visits. All the centers are fully equipped with modern sophisticated computerized Soil & Water Testing Laboratories and high-tech extension equipment. Moreover, FFC has also established a micronutrient and plant tissue analysis laboratory at Farm Advisory Centre, Sahiwal having Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer and other analytical instruments. Soil testing is a valuable tool to propagate appropriate and balanced use of chemical fertilizers and to identify soil problems. Soil/water samples are collected from farmers’ fields and analyzed in the laboratories. Fertilizer recommendations & reclamation reports are developed on the basis of soil analysis and delivered to the growers for the balanced use of fertilizer and to reclaim the soil. The soil/water testing and micronutrient analysis facility is offered free of cost. Besides these five farm advisory centers, we have Agri. Services Officers, spread all over the country and extending these services in their respective areas.

To further strengthen our advisory services and facilitate farmers, we also publish crop, vegetables and fruits brochures in addition to agro-grams, posters and pamphlets containing latest information regarding production technologies of crops, vegetables and fruits grown in Pakistan. For a stronger direct link and timely guidance of farmers, we publish Newsletter – Zari Report in Urdu on quarterly basis. This contains season specific information regarding crops, fruits, vegetables, improved agronomic practices and articles on agricultural issues.

To improve the fertilizer use efficiency and to obtain optimum crop yields, a “Fertilizer Guide Book” and “Fertilizer Recommendation Book” has also been published containing comprehensive information on various fertilizers available in Pakistan, their application methods and their economic use.

FFC has also adopted the pragmatic approach of telecasting crop documentaries on PTV before the onset of every sowing season of major crops. In these documentaries all the components of crop production are covered with sufficient elaboration. Cotton, wheat, sugarcane and rice documentaries can be viewed on Kashtkar Desk of our website www.ffc.com.pk

We encourage our farmers to get registered on our mailing list by sending a request in writing or through e-mail and by visiting our Farm Advisory Centers / Regional offices located throughout the country to receive copies of our published material free of cost. SMS on current agriculture issues are also sent to farmers on the mailing list.

For further information or agricultural advisory services, farmers can call at our Toll Free FARMER HELPLINE NUMBER 0800-00332 or visit any of our nearest Farm Advisory Center or Regional Office.

Technical Manpower Services


  • Technical Training

  • Technical Audit & Due Diligence

  • Operation & Maintenance

  • Engineering & Design Services

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Technical Services

Fauji Fertilizer Company Limited services are now available for the Chemical Process Industry based upon its dedicated team of engineering specialists with rich experience. We provide services in following areas:

Inspection & Reliability Assessment
Mechanical Maintenance (Stationary & Rotary)
Electrical Maintenance
Instrument Maintenance
Safety Management
Turnaround (Lump Sum)
Plant Consultancy

Engineering & Design Services

Our engineers have decades of rich experience of three plant expansions and two new plants, while in-house engineering of various energy efficiency at our three plants. This includes detailed engineering from a BEDP (Basic Engineering Design Package) for Debottlenecking (DBN) of our existing plants from our process licensors M/s Saipem Italy for urea plant and M/s Haldor Topsoe for our Ammonia Plant). This detailed engineering included complete plot and piping plans, piping isometrics, equipment mechanical design for RFQs and ordering, and also construction supervision and implementation plus commissioning.

Besides, we also offer process and as well as project engineering services for plant improvement projects in different areas. We possess state of the art software / tools/codes/industry practices to undertake engineering projects for clients.


Design of Pressure Vessels, Heat Exchangers and Flexibility Analysis of piping and associated structures as per TEMA, ASME BPV and B31 and AISC codes with software expertise (CAESER, AUTOPIPE, CodeCalc, COMPRESS, STAAD Pro etc).


Process Design and performance analysis/optimization of all process plant equipment like heat exchangers, reactors, columns, etc. As per latest state of the art software including HTRI, ASPEN PLUS, TASC etc.


Design, engineering, installation and commissioning of microprocessor based control systems like DCS, ESD, and Vibration Monitoring Systems for Rotary Machines and packaged plant control systems. Repair and Maintenance of Field Instruments, Control Systems, Control Valves and PSVs. Installation, commissioning and maintenance services of plant.

Products & Services
Products & Services
Products & Services
Products & Services

Fertilizer Plant Technical Audit and Due Diligence Services

We have experienced teams of engineers to undertake complete technical audits of old fertilizer plants to resolve technical issues and induce an overall improvement in plant in areas of operational safety and reliability, excellent and efficient maintenance systems, energy efficiency and also increased capacity up to 100% of nameplate in plants not performing to their design limits. Furthermore, our due diligence expertise also covers a plant’s overall well being like its Human Resource efficiency, general administration and financial monitoring and management.

Products & Services
Products & Services
Products & Services
Products & Services
Products & Services

Long term Operation & Maintenance (O&M) Contracts

Based on our decades of excellence in both plant operation and its maintenance, we thus now also offer our clients a long term O&M Contract (2-5 years) for complete plant operation and its maintenance to enhance efficiency, safety, productivity for increased profits and reliability. Under this contract we can have an agreed share in increased production at the plant or a lump sum pre-determined value with the client.


Technical Training

FFC manages a well-equipped Technical Training Center (TTC) in the vicinity of its production facilities. Established in 1985, it has over the past decades emerged as a Center of Excellence in the country for Training to major Fertilizer, oil & Gas and Petrochemical industry.

– Training Faculty

Experienced professionals and managers at our plants, actively engaged in plant operation and maintenance imparting vital practical knowledge.

– Pilot Plants

Thirteen (13) plants covering major areas of unit operations including Water Treatment, Distillation, Gas Absorption , Temperature, level & Flow control, Boiler, Heat Exchange, Compressors, etc.

– Workshop & laboratories

Training workshops for mechanical, Electrical, Instrument and Welding. Laboratories include Physics, Chemistry, Computer and Safety.

– Simulators (Process & Mechanical)

Mechanical Simulators for Field Maintenance training, and a DCS Simulator (Invensys Foxboro IA Series) for training on Hardware and loops configuration, Troubleshooting / maintenance and Boardmen training.

Recently, an operator Training Simulator (OTS), Simulating complete actual plant in real time has been added. Simulation is provided by emulating software & Simulator Control Stations are included for interactive training.

– Courses Offered

Training is imparted in all major areas of the process industry :

Process & Operations
Mechanical Maintenance
Electrical Maintenance

In addition, customized courses are also offered as per specific requirements.

– Clients

FFC has the honor of being the country’s leading training provider for major multinational oil & gas and process industries:

FFC has also provided training to following foreign companies :

– International Recognition

Recently M/s Saipem has again awarded Technical Training Center a ‘Certificate of Competence’ for training excellence.