People For Specific Inquiries

Marketing & Sales 
General Manager Marketing

Mr. Shakeel Ahmed
Email ID: marketing< at >
Location: Marketing Group Lahore


Technology & Engineering
General Manager Technology & Engineering

Mr. Rehan Ahmed
Email ID: td< at >
Location : Head Office


Group General Manager Finance/CFO

Mr. Munir Malik
Email ID : finance< at >
Location : Head Office


General Manager Manufacturing & Operations - (Goth Machhi)

Mr. Naveed Ahmed Khan
Email ID: plantgm< at >
Location : Plant Goth Machhi


General Manager Manufacturing & Operations- (Mirpur Mathelo)

Mr. Pervez Fateh 
Email ID : plantmm< at >
Location : Plant Mirpur Mathelo


Job Opportunities 
General Manager Human Resources

Brig. Tariq Javaid (Retired)
Email ID : hr< at >
Location : Head Office


Corporate Affairs
Senior Manager Corporate Affairs/Company Secretary

Brig. Sher Shah (Retired)
Email ID:  secretary< at >
Location : Head Office


Head of Shares

Syed Imran Rizvi
Email ID:  imran_rizvi< at >
Location : Head Office
Phone : 051 - 8453210

Senior Executive Shares

Farrukh Khalid
Email ID:  farrukh_khalid< at >
Location : Head Office
Phone : 051 - 8453230

Senior Manager Procurement

Brig. Faisal Najeeb (Retired)
Email ID : procurement< at >
Location : Head Office
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