Corporate Social Responsibility

We undertake ethical responsibility for sustainable, economic, environment, and fair business transactions. Our employees are educated and trained to take responsibility in line with their function, authority and qualifications. We have a CSR policy in place with clearly defined objectives which states the importance of inclusive growth as one of the key areas for sustainable development.

We are member of UN Global Compact which is a strategic initiative for businesses that voluntarily commit to ensure that their business activities and strategies are in line with ten universally recognized principles relating to human rights, labor standards, environmental protection and the fight against corruption. Being signatory, we have underscored our comprehensive commitment to sustainable development and responsible corporate governance. We commit that, within our sphere of influence, we will work for protection of human rights, create working conditions which at minimum meet the legal requirements, protect the environment and combat corruption.

Our CSR philosophy

For Fauji Fertilizer Company Limited, social responsibility means facilitating communities and empowering its people. Sustainability shall always remain quintessential for the performance of CSR. Historically, FFC has always been socially a responsible corporate entity. The Company started its CSR per se as early as in 1982 by introducing Agri-Services thus helping in poverty alleviation of common farmer and assisting them in sustained empowerment. Gradually FFC started interventions in most of the defined sectors and has developed a history of about 30 years of contributions to the society. FFC, further plans to bring sustainability in its interventions and desires to achieve international standards by aligning CSR with our business objectives. FFC is also committed to improve quality and quantum of its interventions by maximizing on the available resources.

Since FFC has become member of covenants like UNGC, the CSR has to be aligned with international guidelines. It is necessary to standardize the interventions and monitor the quality of interventions at a central level. We need to stay committed to its principles. Keeping the vision of responsible corporate entity in mind, FFC has moved in this direction. FFC has made quality as its core value when it comes to CSR intervention at any level, and in future this will remain as the prime objective.

FFC has also recently constituted a CSR Committee for a meaningful progress in social responsibility. The committee is composed of following members:-

CSR Committee


Lt Gen Shafqaat Ahmed, HI(M) (Retd) – Chief Executive & Managing Director 


Mr Mohammad Munir Malik – CFO (Member)
Mr Muhammad Shuaib      – CIA (Member)
Mr Naveed Ahmad Khan, GM – M&O (Member)
Mr. David Keith Massey – GM- MKT (Member)
Brig Ashfaq Ahmed, SI (M) (Retired) – Company Secretary (Member)
Brig Abid Mahmood, SI (M) (Retired) – SM-CSR (Member / Secretary)



CSR Objectives

Company’s obligations of paying back to the society from which it derives its economic gains
Address stakeholder concerns and invest in the communities in the vicinity of our fertilizer plants
Empower the small and medium farmers all over Pakistan
Incorporating UNGC Principles in our governance
Contribute in achievement of UN Millennium Development Goals

Current Initiatives

As most of the sustainability conscious organizations around the world do, FFC is playing its part actively in this direction. Being the brand leader in fertilizer sector with the biggest market share and counted among one of the leading corporate entity in Pakistan, FFC understands its obligation in nation building and wellbeing of deprived communities around the plant sites. Under the charter of FFC CSR interventions, following sectors have been made part of the program

Health Care
Poverty Alleviation
Annual Fun Fares

Sustainability Reports