Whistleblowing Policy

1.  General

FFC is a quality conscious Company, therefore employs all available methods and  processes to identify fault lines and take timely actions to address these in the larger interest of the Company. The Company is committed to the highest possible standards of honesty, excellence, consistency, compassion, fairness, integrity and accountability. The Company Whistleblowing encourages and enables all concerned to raise serious concerns within the Company rather than overlooking a problem or 'blowing the whistle' outside.

The Policy applies to all employees, management and the Board, and extends to every individual associated with the Company including employees, contractors, suppliers, business partners and the shareholders etc. They are encouraged and have been enabled to participate without fear of reprisal or repercussions, in confidentiality, under defined reporting channels, with initial reporting to immediate supervisor and where this is impracticable, to report directly to the management.

The Whistleblowing Policy does not apply to employees’ career related issues like promotions, transfers, relocations, trainings etc. for which separate procedure exists. Under the Policy, anonymous concerns shall not be taken into consideration.

The objectives, scope and procedures of the Company’s ‘Whistleblowing Policy” are as follows:-